Vertical Leap silver



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Reviewer Quotes about Vertical Leap:


“…the instrumentation really shines here…extremely well-produced and orchestrated CD.”

– Les Reynolds,


“Really good! They’re talented! It’s better than 90% of the stuff that has been coming out lately.”

– Esoteric Records, Sacramento, CA


“…it’s wonderful to just listen to and relax after a long hard day of work.”

– CWC Entertainment News


“Very good album!”

– The Music Box, Prichard, AL


“I really like that kind of stuff! I think its meant for the educated ear. Good CD!”

– Music Box, Newport, RI


“Congratulations on a great album”

– Michael Popke, Sea of Tranquility


“This is high-concept performance art: think King Crimson meets Bad finger over a copy of Dante’s Divine Comedy. While the music can be categorized as simply progressive, there’s dramatic elements of opera and classical styling, plus a lot of imaginative electronic textures, too. It’s a deep record, and that’s no bad thing.”

– PJ Birosik, member, Coalition of Visionary Retailers