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Established in June, 2000, Gentry Avenue Productions conducts management, publisher and label operations for studio artist, composer and producer George Mahn, III, representing original repertoire as Vertical Leap as well as Music Services and Audio Production for film and music clients.


Vertical Leap debuted to critical acclaim and radio airplay with tracks broadcast on domestic and international terrestrial stations, SiriusXM satellite and internet channels. Juxtaposing fresh, innovative sonic palettes with traditional orchestra, the dynamic repertoire incorporates rock, pop, avant-garde jazz, world music, modern minimalism, ambient electronica and other elements to create a signature sound that is distinctively familiar, yet constantly evolving.  Read More


Gentry Avenue Productions performs original music composition and production for all media, including scoring to picture, creating soundtracks and conceiving multimedia concepts in a variety of formats. From feature films and documentaries to art exhibitions and radio broadcasts, collaborating with clients is essential to develop unique musical ideas that capture the spirit of a dramatic presentation while influencing the target audience.  Read More


Gentry Avenue Productions channels industry skills and resources to produce and engineer a wide spectrum of audio projects. G3 records and mixes studio sound using leading-edge technologies and classic analog and digital equipment in a contemporary state-of-the-art facility.  Read More


Gentry Avenue Productions endeavors to promote harmony among all people by producing and publishing music that informs and entertains, speaks to people’s hearts, and prompts them to wonder, question and reflect about the many dimensions of our universal experience. We strive to serve as a musical messenger of divine joy and peace, helping people recognize love in their lives in the signs of creation and the hidden recesses of life, providing for redemption, rebirth, and reinforcement.

Gentry Avenue Productions integrates music, life interests and faith based values:

The purpose of life is to love and seek our Creator in all ways. Life is sacred, so all persons should do those things that preserve and cultivate life; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Through music, we can instill an inner peace that helps people contemplate and discover divinity within themselves, more inward than one’s innermost self, in order to converse and better grow in love. This inner peace helps people to better manage the problems of daily living, making life more bearable, desirable, enjoyable, worthwhile and harmonious.

Our productions will contain clean lyrics and positive messages that emphasize spiritual growth, healthy life interests, and solutions for transforming challenging events into good experiences.

Diversity is a key element in our overall mission and operation. We foster a collegial environment in which the backgrounds and individual personalities of all members are respected.

Gentry Avenue Productions‘ commitment to diversity is inseparable from the commitments that shape the essence of our company: to quality, to our customers, to our communities, to the music profession, and above all to absolute integrity of our conduct. Our efforts to meet these commitments never end, but striving toward them helps shape what we do everyday.

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