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Gentry Avenue Productions performs original music composition and production for all media, including scoring to picture, creating soundtracks and conceiving multimedia concepts in a variety of formats. We compose, arrange, score, record, edit, mix, and hire session musicians and vocalists for projects ranging from feature films and documentaries to art exhibitions and radio broadcasts.

Since the start of the new millennium, Gentry Avenue Productions has served as a dynamic partner in the development of new media. Understanding the creative process and using the latest-greatest audio tools enables us to collaborate with clients to develop unique musical ideas that capture the spirit of a dramatic presentation, influencing and impressing local, national and global audiences for independent productions, film companies and private firms.

We believe the key to achieving quality outcomes on a consistent and regular basis is combining musical talent and technological proficiency with knowledge of the unique product identity and the target audience. We retain successful working relationships with a number of musicians and studios, providing flexible hours, competitive fees and a creative, competent crew that is travel ready, whether working on location or in the studio.

By proactively managing projects with business minded direction, personal oversight and clear communication, Gentry Avenue Productions is able to produce cost-effective non-linear concepts in a timely and professional manner. We make every effort to form synergies with individuals and groups who share a common vision in order to create win-win solutions for everyone involved.

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Film/Television Post Scoring
Composing and producing original music is our foremost passion. We are well positioned to accommodate most scoring and sound quality demands for comprehensive music, film and television audio production.

Songwriting and Themes
We continually draw on diverse methodologies to shape universal themes, including plot moving songs for film, television theme songs and commercial or industrial presentations, providing spirited, transparent melodies set within unique original arrangements or a popular style. Let us write something memorable for your next project!

Creative Consultation
Involvement in pre-production helps streamline the conceptual planning and budgeting process. Starting from a blank slate, we determine what the message is and how to deliver it using the right palette for a given medium. We design intelligent, purposeful and cost-effective broadcast quality solutions for winning hearts and minds.

Music Production Supervision
Whether supervising the writing of several composers, arrangers and copyists or coordinating orchestras, singers, studios, contracts and travel, turnkey music production supervision is available for a variety of situations. We can accommodate established deadlines to assure the success of your venture, on time and within budget.

Technology in Motion
Nothing helps convey the emotional potential of a dramatic visual element or vivid tale like a spontaneous musical performance. We can produce final music with live musicians or sequencers, samplers and synths. We use a large collection of the latest-greatest gizmos, in addition to state-of-the-art digital recording, mixing and editing tools.

Travel Ready
Considering the value of face-to-face meetings, we can travel as necessary, whether working on location or in the studio. We always strive to work as a creative member of the production team and have fun while we work!

Fees, Bids and Demos
We scale fees for services to the work requirements, typically comprising a creative fee, a fee for expenses and a fee for the proposed use or ownership of the musical materials delivered. We can estimate service and materials to be provided based on your music budget or propose a budget based on requested project deliverables. Files are available in any number of formats, such as DVD, CD-Rom, Streaming Media, etc. Bids and demos are free.

Samples of Gentry Avenue Productions available upon request
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