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Three Criteria of Film Scoring:
“Dramatic Sensibility, Creative Design, Service Excellence.”
Melody and Motion Pictures:
“The story, not the score, is the star.”

“It’s actually the instrumentation that really shines here. That is where the sanctuary is found in this extremely well-produced and orchestrated CD.”

“Sanctuary is one of those introspective records that you put on in the middle of a dreary afternoon, or cheesy as it may sound when you just need a friend.”

“Certainly worth a listen. Especially if you’re tired of what pop radio plays ALL the time.”

“A tasty side trip but a bunch of serious players that wants to distance themselves from the commercial world without becoming too precious in the bargain.”

All Music Guide
By Alex Henderson

“This album is a BIG SURPRISE. The more I listened to it–the more I liked it. It’s a gem and clearly deserves a listen.”

“It’s wonderful to just listen to and relax after a long hard day of work.”

Omega Directory
By Robert Walmsley

“Stands on its own as a deep work that is proud to acknowledge its heritage while keeping a clearly forward point of view.”

“Sanctuary is a fine introduction to Mahn’s rising star.”