Vertical Leap Official Music Review: Omega Directory

Omega Directory

By Robert Walmsley

Sanctuary by Vertical Leap

May, 2003

This ten song CD features five songs and five instrumentals that take the listener on a journey through Life’s big questions, and then home again to a place of sanctuary. The soulful vocals and sweeping performances of layered acoustic and electronic guitars intertwined with transparent orchestral-like settings captivate listeners with dynamic arrangements, haunting melodies and lyrics that make use of obscure literary allusions within the recording’s natural flow. Subtle musical homages abound so that even the casual listener will recognize essential elements of a wide variety of music styles. Yet, there is no mimicking of other artists, and the music is clearly the unique invention of George W. Mahn III. So while certain parts of individual songs may hearken back to the days of King Crimson and Moody Blues, Angelo Badalimente and Mike Oldfield, the Hollies and Crowded House, Sanctuary stands on its own as a deep work that is proud to acknowledge its heritage while keeping a clearly forward point of view. Instrumentation: vocals; acoustic and electric guitar; fretted and fretless basses; keyboards, programming. Highly recommended to lovers of progressive, avant-garde music styles. Gentry Avenue Productions.