Vertical Leap Official Music Review:


By Ben Ohmart

Artist: Vertical Leap

Title: Sanctuary

Label: Gentry Avenue Productions (

Genre: Alt-rock

June, 2003

It’s been called performance art and a sort of progressive rock performance that lends itself to a concept through music, but boiling it down, Vertical Leap is just good alternative indie rock that combines the individuality of punk with the quieter moments of The Who, America and 70s bands who were looking for a way of increasing the awareness of music by just doing it a little differently.

Shadows Fall

No Word From You

Time Standing Still

Turned All Around

Elusive Spirit

Inner Sanctum


In the Light

Sounds of Love

Spring Follows Winter

Just reading those titles, you begin to understand the story of Sanctuary, if there is one. If there is, it’s about death, life and rebirth; a natural world where nothing should be criticized because everything’s eventual. At least that is the autumn thought that passes through my mind as I listen to the instrumental ‘Inner Sanctum’ which has nothing to do with a scary radio show. It’s a flamenco-type guitar in front of a patch of keyboard shadows that envelopes the listener with an emotional specter that slowly and utterly falls upon you. Good piece of work. George W. Mahn III is the brains behind the composing, arranging, producing and lead playing. John Adams is on bass. This is a good demo for what he can do for a band. Without a lot of money he can obviously get the best sound out of you.

5 songs and 5 instrumentals. Certainly worth a listen. Especially if you’re tired of what pop radio plays ALL the time.