Vertical Leap Official Music Review: Nightflying Magazine

Nightflying Magazine

Vertical Leap

March, 2003

At first I was thinking ‘hmmm, power chords for the acoustic guitar’ and how much this sounded like Jethro Tull without the flute, but then George W. Mahn III brings in an electric guitar and things gradually evolve into a different yet somewhat coherent oeuvre. Another Dallas product, this was recorded at Gentry Avenue Productions, which is also the address of the fan club. This is another cover I wish we could reproduce in full color – the watercolor is by Cheryl Morris and is most striking. The music is good, upbeat, some instrumentals mixed with a few mostly well-written vocals. The only other player on the disc is John Adams (probably not our second president) on both fretted and fretless electric bass (incongruently courtesy of Congruent Music Co). George also keys in synthesizers.