Skunky Rascal: aka Silly Rascal

Bam! Right in the kisser, then a shot between the eyes. Say hello to Skunky Rascal, aka Silly Rascal….

It was over before I even knew it was happening. Stepped out the back door into the quiet night with Rascal when suddenly she dropped her favorite football and pounced to the left in front of me, pivoted right and disappeared into the distant darkness, then rushed back and gyrated on the ground feverishly. 

Bewildered, I started after her just as the invisible spray ignited the damp air all around us and I instantly knew we were overrun byPepé Le Pew. Dear lord, how could you create such a foul odor?? I thought chemical warfare was banned a hundred years ago!!

We immediately retreated into the safe zone, recovering the football and sealing the vapor barrier behind us. My intrepid canine ran through the house and rubbed her head and snout on anything she could find to alleviate the vile gas attack. Hair, nose, eyes…even her tongue stunk!

As fortune goes, I had special doggie shampoo on hand from my dear niece and nephew, so cousin Mike helped calm her as I scrubbed away the stinging combustion. Scrub, scrub, scrub, get down tonight. 

Silly Rascal is comfortable now but the stinky perfume lingers in every room and still burns my nostrils. Time for a sniff of scotch..or a stiff pour. 

A Monday is just a Monday until your dog chases a skunk!

Skunky Rascal
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