The Gardener

Happy Spring Everyone!
The Gardener
The gardener plants his seed in rich soil,
packing mulch and earth tightly around it,
all the time mixing in Miracle Grow
to give the seed a good start and to keep it healthy.
Then he quenches its thirst with his garden hose.

Everyday he waters the seed, talks to it
and checks its growth to be sure that it is developing properly.
Gradually the spore grows into a tree,
as he cultivates it tenderly with his calloused hands.
With each year’s spring rains, it flourishes into a sturdy,
fruitful promise of untainted splendor,
exhibiting its vibrant chlorophyll leaves
that sprout from lean, elongated branches
rising out of its stout trunk.

Each year the gardener slackens the care and prudence
that he gives to this tree which he has long cultivated,
letting it take root in the rich earth
that he has constantly provided it.
But his affection never falters
as he steps back to observe its progress.

Fully grown, it stands full and robust,
perfect in shape, dazzling the world
with its burly branches that reach high
into the clear blue sky.
It stands tall and proud –
and proud of this tree the gardener is.

For if it wasn’t for the gardener,
the tree would not have lived.
©1992, 2012 Gentry Avenue Productions. All Rights Reserved.

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    1. George Mahn III

      Thanks, Soma! Watching the trees and flowers come into bloom here!

    1. George Mahn III

      Tis the season! And now it’s my birthday week – normally the temps hit 90 and stay about this time in north Texas but spring is sticking around this year with pleasant cooler days!

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