Living Without You

Please forgive me
for what I am about to do
sunburst into the sky
save me from myself again
chasing after a place in time
before I know it time is gone

oh I try to hold on I try to let go
try to believe in tomorrow
but all I see is darkness below
devils consume my soul
living without you

bare empty hands
nothing to show for all these tears
years pass I never change
anchored in the tide alone
claiming love in a heartless game
before I know it love is gone

oh I try to hold on I try to let go
try to believe in tomorrow
but all I see is darkness below
devils consume my soul
living without you

Oh no, no, my love no
why must you go
oh no, no, no
how can fate be so cold
please, please don’t go
please don’t go
all my dreams
all my hopes
oh my love
why must you go
oh my love
why must you go
©2003 Gentry Avenue Productions. All Rights Reserved.
For more about this story, please clickSongs of the Servant – A Trilogy. Thank you!

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  1. Soma Mukherjee

    You are so amazingly talented George,what a lovely poetry
    I am listening to the band page on FB right now,oh the bliss and magic of beautiful music, So far have heard :Reflections in sunfire,A voice across the water and Early morning fog.
    All three of them are uplifting and there a way we can put some of your work in our blogs too..or may be use one piece as wideget on the side bar with link back to your blog

    1. George Mahn III

      Thanks, Soma! Catching up after being away for the Easter weekend. I’m delighted that you took the time to listen and enjoyed the music.
      I’d be happy for you to share it as you like, just need to grant access. Here is a link to my soundcloud page: Not sure if you can download from there as is but I can probably adjust the settings. Please try if you don’t mind and let me know if it works. If not, then I can modify the Box widget.
      Hope all is well!

      1. Soma Mukherjee

        Have been working on putting HTML of spring after winter but couldnt het it right so have pasted short code as widget. Its the first one on the right hand side, i wanted it to be on auto player mode but right now its now, will work on it too. Visit my blog and tell me what you think, if you dont like it i will change or we can work it out…but i want your music to be on my blog so,….

    2. George Mahn III

      Hi Soma, the widget looks great! What would you think about using the band name (Vertical Leap) instead of my name for the header? Either way, I am elated that you even like my music in addition to wanting to post it on your blog. Thank you very much!!! 🙂
      BTW, I haven’t listened to the tunes you posted in quite awhile. Are there any particular ones that you like more than others?

      1. Soma Mukherjee

        Hi George will definitely put Vertical leaps as header title, its already there in the widget but its small so no problem.
        yesterday i spent the entire morning listening to your music..They are so fabulous and soul soothing..I loved all of them but the ones with vocals was icing on cake.
        I wanted to do a post in your name with one piece in the post but then thought better ask you first cos may be you wont like that. incase you have no problem do tell which one of yours would you like to be showcased in the blog and can the page link be given in the post( remember people do copy so if you dont want that I will understand)

    3. George Mahn III

      Hi Soma, I’m catching up on a bout a week’s worth of stuff and just saw that this message got caught in the spam filter for some reason. Nuts!
      Happy to surprise you with some vocals! The idea of a post with a tune and page link sounds good to me. Shadows or The Ruse come to mind but I’m interested in your suggestions. Thanks!

    1. George Mahn III

      Thanks, Deb! Catching up after being away for the Easter weekend. This was one of the darker songs, of course, but we’re about to change the tide. Happy Easter!

  2. Blood-Ink-Diary

    George, this is absolutely stunning! How each word pierces and tugs my heart. Love the song, love your heart and mind. Stay gold, my friend. Cheers.

    1. George Mahn III

      Thanks, Shaheen! We need a tearjerker every now and then, right?? Cheers!

      1. Blood-Ink-Diary

        Absolutely, George! Tears are H20 — rivers are formed….Ah, let me not get poetical or ramble away!
        Lots of happiness to you, my friend.

  3. a. m. f.

    hmmm…now, followed the link after reading your chat with Soma, but cannot find this song listed…is it on your soundcloud page? Music can invoke much when I write, so I was curious what type of melody would produce, or was produced, by these powerfilled words ~

    1. George Mahn III

      Well, this one hasn’t actually been recorded yet. It rolls up and down like a typhoon over steady acoustic guitar with a blend of fingerpicking and Spanish strumming. I pushed this album to the back burner while working on other projects so I decided to post the lyrics only. Sooner or later!
      You always weave the background music into your settings and ideas very well. I tend to listen to tunes while writing also, although mostly instrumentals. It can definitely soothe and inspire.

  4. lscotthoughts

    Wow, George, this does tug at my heart, a beautiful, heart-wrenching song, but love it! I’m so sorry I haven’t been around…I just wish there was more time in a day! 🙂

    1. George Mahn III

      A certain part of me rejoices when performing this song but it is also one of the most challenging. Singing it always feels good in the end!
      I sympathize with you about the time constraints…we’re here when we can be!

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