Versatile Blogger Award

I was recently nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by my lovely friend Debbie Adams.  When I started my blog I never anticipated such a fantastic response and Deb has been especially supportive.  I am honored and humbled and I thank you for the award!

For those of you who do not know Deb I recommend you take the time to visit her blog.  She is a wonderful artist and a charming person who sees the good in life.  I enjoy all of her posts!
Now for the rules:
1) Nominate 15 fellow bloggers
2) Inform bloggers of their nomination
3) Share 7 random things about yourself
4) Thank the blogger who nominated you
5) Place versatile blogger award on your blog post
The Seven things about me…
1) My first guitar was won by my uncle in a card game while serving in the army-air force.
2) I am intrigued by knights and quests and especially Arthurian history.
3) I am German-Austrian with a little French mixed in.
4) I enjoy model trains (one of my dad’s hobbies), although they are boxed up for now.
5) I love the outdoors…hiking, snowshoeing, kayaking, sailing, disc golf, whatever.
6) I try to stay fit so I can eat a cheeseburger when I feel like it!
7) A day is not complete without dark chocolate!
Now for the nominees.
For this award I am going to follow Deb’s example and select my overall blogroll.  I enjoy following each of you and would like to share this recognition across the board.  However, if you see your name on the list of nominees and choose to accept this award, which is not required of you, you do not have to put your whole blogroll in as I do.  So to the following people I am telling you all that I think you’re all great, and you do not have to accept this award, as I understand that some of you do not do this sort of thing…and that is okay with me. To those who do…congrats!
The Nominees are…
Dean J. Baker – Poetry, and prose poems
Writing with both sides of my brain
Craig Hill
Nature’s Hues
Radhika Bauerle Radhika Puranam
Poems and Art by Jason
Poetic Invocation
Convergent Journey
TheCoevas official blog
Simple Pleasures~
Live2EatEat2Live Blog
n e w d i g i t a l s c a p e s
Gabrielle Angel and Autumn Sunshine
Clover’s pages
Redwater Ramblings
yellow house cafe
Certainly not lost down under
Story Artisan
hope wabuke
Make Believe Boutique
Written Words Never Die
Finding Order in Chaos
Stephen L Tabone Nature Photography
Evoking the Deep
Blood Ink Diary
The Better Man Project
My Own Avalon
Tracie Louise Photography
Five Reflections
August McLaughlin’s Blog
Debbie Adams
Ben Naga
Not a Diet Story
Live simply, travel lightly, love passionately & don’t forget to breathe
30 Minute Art
Lost in Town
Creativity Aroused
~ Season’s Light ~
The right mood
Niltsi’s Spirit
Seasons Poetry
Music for Films – Newsletter
I Am Not Defined
ooamerica: ooa’s USA Road-Trip
Threadbare Gypsy Soul
Thomas Mangan:
English at Westminster

If you do not accept this award this is okay…Please do not feel obligated, as I know some on this list do not participate in these matters.

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This Post Has 25 Comments

  1. Deb

    Hi George!
    I love your answers and feel I know you a bit better for them too! I think I’ll join you tonight having a dark chocolate….sounds like a great evening tradition. Each evening when I have my one piece of dark chocolate, I will be thinking of you.
    Thank you for the lovely comment you made about me, George!
    I like who you nominated, George. Didn’t that feel great to put out your whole blogroll?! 🙂
    Congrats on this award, George! You deserve all of them out there!
    Have a great evening with words of love dancing in your head!
    Hugs, xx

    1. George Mahn III

      Hi Deb, just checking in and saw that my reply to you earlier went to the general comments and not yours specifically. So, please check the other one!

  2. ansuyo

    Thank you so much! and Congratulations to you! Angie

  3. George Mahn III

    Hi Deb! I’m certainly enjoying getting to know you better, too! Dark chocolate goes with almost anything, tea, wine, it’s always good. 🙂
    You’re welcome. You deserve all of these also!
    Indeed, it does feel great to nominate everyone on the list! Looking forward to their responses.
    Thanks again and have a great evening, too!

  4. Soma Mukherjee

    Ya I know Deb has inspired all of us….she is a sweetheart
    Congrats George..loved your answers…6th is just funny and boy aint you righ on the 7th point
    a dark chocolate a day keeps monsters away…I swear this is true

    1. George Mahn III

      She certainly is a sweetheart. I’d be lost without my chocolate! Glad you liked these, Soma!

  5. Autumn Sunshine

    I agree you Deb is a sweetheart 🙂 George I loved your answers, too! You deserve many awards, you are just awesome and a talented writer! Thanks for including me and my twin, and congrats again to you 🙂 Dark chocolate is a must !!!!

    1. George Mahn III

      Thanks! Both of you certainly deserve the awards also…you cover a lot of ground! Glad you liked my answers, they were fun to think about. I appreciate your comments! 🙂

  6. Blood-Ink-Diary

    Thanks, my friend. I am humbled by your kindness. Now, the task is that I SHOULD begun nominating my blogger-friends for their talent. One of these days I shall do this, all new to the game. But…how greedy that I accept the awards! Not good. lol. Thanks George! Cheers.

    1. George Mahn III

      You’re welcome! Timing is always a challenge. 🙂 This award is definitely worth it though. Cheers!

  7. Miro

    Congrats, and thank you kindly for the nomination. 🙂

  8. Eric Alagan

    Congratulations George – it is great when recognised by fellow bloggers. I’m happy for you. Thank you also for thinking my blog worthy of an award. Keep well, Eric 🙂

    1. George Mahn III

      Thanks, Eric! I agree and I was pleasantly surprised by this recognition. You definitely deserve this, too. Cheers!

  9. Francina

    Congratulations again, George! A very well deserved award for you are very versatile indeed. I will most certainly check out your blog roll..
    Ciao, Francina

  10. George Mahn III

    Thanks, Francina! I appreciate your support, as always.

  11. lscotthoughts

    Congratulations, George, you are very deserving, as you’ve been told a zillion times! And, I don’t know how I missed this. My Dad was visiting, so I wasn’t blogging until after the 11th, but I didn’t receive your post…I’m following you, but I don’t receive your new posts. Ugh! Anyway, thank you for the nomination; I’m very grateful that you thought of me, but at this time, I think I’m going to pass on following through, due to time constraints. Is this okay with you? I may come back, though, but I hope you understand. I also enjoyed your answers and yay, for dark chocolate, eating healthy and making the most of the beautiful outdoors! Regarding trains, we recently went to a local train museum and my older kids had fun using the remote controls and guiding the model trains on their tracks! Anyway, thanks again, congrats and take care! xx

    1. George Mahn III

      Thanks, Lauren! I’ve been amazed by the recognition and feel very grateful for the support. You appear as following on my dashboard so not sure why you don’t see my updates but it seems like WP is a little wacky sometimes.
      Hope your visit with your dad was enjoyable. I spent a splendid Easter with mine. One of these days I’ll convince him to unbox the trains. Sounds like your kids had a blast at the museum! We used to visit the train and auto museum when I was a youngster in St. Louis. I would be right there with them!
      No problem on skipping this round of awards…it’s tough to keep up!

  12. Fergiemoto

    Congratulations!!! And thank you sooo much for including my blog! Much appreciated!

  13. lostupabove

    Hello George, Congratulations and thank you for this nomination. I didn’t read this post before, I was on holiday at the time you posted this, and I can’t remeber having seen a comment on my blog informing me on this nomination. Judging from the long list of nominees and the short list of comments here I think you didn’t inform everyone. No problem. I know it now. Thank you once again.
    Love; Steph

  14. George Mahn III

    Thanks, Steph! You’re quite welcome. I followed Deb’s lead on this one in spreading the fun around!

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