Elusive Spirit

Elusive Spirit

God has a plan for me she said
maybe so but I don’t know what it is
living in perpetual motion I go on
chasing dreams that never come true
I believe through all these tears
I will find happiness when I die

Harboring my demons defiant
burning bridges I’m getting even
always struggling inside
even the dead are happier than I
if God suddenly appeared
would I be worthy in his eyes

Shatter the mirror but the reflection is the same
shadow of a man I don’t want to be
There must be a better way but how do I change
I can’t redeem myself alone
Elusive spirit if you’re there
then please save me

Purge these demons from my soul heal my pain
open my heart to you
teach me to love again
Elusive spirit if you’re there
then please save me
save me, save me, save me


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