NMMA 2024 Finalists: Roadside Distraction!

Exciting news!!
I’m delighted to announce that we’ve been nominated in three categories for “Roadside Distraction” in the New Mexico Music Awards this year!
I’m especially happy for Marc Malin and Paula Rhae Malin to receive accolades for their rich and beautiful artistry on this new album release. The award winning singer songwriters have been nominated for best song in the “Western” category, Not So Silver Eagle Rides Again, which I recorded and mixed. 
Additionally, I have been nominated as “Best Recording Engineer” for their majestic song, The Edge, and named as a finalist along with Marc and Paula in the “Norman Petty Producer’s Award” category for producing the overall album.
One of the joys of working in this profession is creating great music with wonderful people, and that’s exactly what happened!
Fantastic performances by some of the finest musicians in New Mexico helped make this Jazzy Folkabilly Blues dream a reality. Hats off to each of them, as well as John Treadwell, Jono Manson and Jon Gold for their excellent contributions. A great example of how collaboration and interpretation can lead to creative success…check out the liner notes!
Grateful to NMMA for recognizing our work and I look forward to celebrating these wonderful artists alongside the other nominees at the awards ceremony! There were over 750 entries in 42 categories from all across New Mexico. You can see the lineup at this link: NMMA
Congratulations to all the finalists! See you in May!!
The album is streaming on all music platforms and available as a physical CD. Here’s the Bandcamp link: Roadside Distraction
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