Rare Bird

Tapping the archives for St. Valentine’s Day.  This poem was published along with a few other pieces in the 1992 issue of Janus, the annual literary magazine of my alma mater, Westminster College.  It shared honors as a Janus Award Winner that year.
Rare Bird
White capped mountains stand alone
with trees rising high above them.
Here, in this rugged, frostbitten land
of jagged peaks and carnivorous beasts,
many birds have come and gone,
but few have ever remained.
I pore over it all.
I remember being alone and cold,
yearning for the warm caresses
of friendship and passion; sensations
that only a lover could satisfy.
So I pursued my desire that grew
like the trees in the snow of the mountains;
and, like the birds, lovers came and went.
But none built a nest in my limbs.
Then love entered my life.
A rare bird,
you have built your world around me,
and a home in which our offspring
can nest and grow.
On top of my mountain
it no longer snows.
©1992, 2012 Gentry Avenue Productions. All Rights Reserved.
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  1. Francina

    beautiful comparison , and a lovely poem.
    Ciao, Francina

    1. George Mahn III

      Thanks! I’ve enjoyed looking back through these poems that have been filed away for so long. Nice to know that some still hold up!
      Cheers, George

  2. Sirenia

    Beautiful! I really loved it!

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