Versatile Blogger Award-Redux

Today I find myself performing the delightful activity of juggling award nominations.  First up is the Versatile Blogger Award which was originally conveyed by my lovely friend Debbie Adams.  Since then I have received the honor by friends Steph on April 20 and Candy on April 26.

I am honored and encouraged by their support and I thank them for the award!  Each offer something unique, practical and inspiring on their blogs and I recommend you take the time to visit.  I certainly enjoy following them!

Now for the rules:
1) Nominate 15 fellow bloggers
2) Inform bloggers of their nomination
3) Share 7 random things about yourself
4) Thank the blogger who nominated you
5) Place versatile blogger award on your blog post

The Seven things about me…
1) I enjoy watching most sports, especially football and baseball.
2) I grew up in a baseball town and the St. Louis Cardinals will always be number one!
3) I often think about how I would score (musically interpret) unique objects or vistas.
4) One reason I’m a Third: my grandfather was born on the 14th, my dad on the 15th and I on the 16th.
5) Avoid vice, pursue virtue.
6) Sometimes it is easier to give advice than to live by it!
7) Have I mentioned dark chocolate??

Now for the nominees.
It is always difficult to narrow the field, especially from a list of such great blogs.  So, I am spreading cheer to these and will include more in other nominations.  You do not have to accept this award, as I understand that some of you do not do this sort of thing…and that is okay with me. To those who do…congrats!

The Nominees are…
If you do not accept this award this is okay…Please do not feel obligated, as I know some on this list do not participate in these matters.
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  1. Deb

    You are certainly deserving of this award, as you are of many!. Congrats, George!
    I like NASCAR and Wrestling.
    Yes, always easier to give advice.
    That is cool about the birthday landing is consecutive order like that.
    You did mention chocolate and I will have a piece tonight….remember?
    Have a lovely evening, and don’t forget that piece of dark chocolate.

  2. George Mahn III

    Thanks, Deb, and I always enjoy your input!
    When I was a kid my neighbors loved wrestling…it has definitely changed through the years.
    I remember…how could I forget our mutual devotion to dark chocolate?? In fact, I just ate a piece and will repeat later. 🙂
    Have a lovely evening, too!

  3. Soma Mukherjee

    Congrats George you are such a gifted generous soul , you deserve all the awards 🙂

  4. Eric Alagan

    Well done and congratulations George – it is always high honour to be recognised by fellow bloggers, so enjoy 🙂
    Thank you also for passing the award my way. Much appreciate this, Eric

  5. nicepoethere

    Thanks for the nomination. That was very kind and thoughtful of you. I appreciate and, as always, wish you continued success in all that you do.

  6. lscotthoughts

    Congrats, again, George, you are definitely deserving and definitely versatile! I finally listened to more of your music and love it! I also loved #’s 4-7; not much into baseball, but love football and basketball! Anyway, I’m playing catch up, so onward! 🙂

    1. George Mahn III

      Glad you like the music, Lauren! Finishing a new piece now that’s a little different. Stay tuned! Basketball is finally reaching the point where I find it exciting. Lakers vs Celtics this year??

  7. Fergiemoto

    Congratulations for your deserving awards! And thank you so much for thinking of my blog!

  8. poeticjourney

    Congrats, you truly deserve it! I’m honor you would consider me for this lovely award! God Bless 🙂

  9. ansuyo

    Thank you so much! Love learning more about you. Angie

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