Songs of the Servant – Intermission

Hello friends, and many thanks to all of you who have been following the Songs of the Servant Trilogy (Sanctuary, Sacred Promises, Signs of Life). I started presenting this next album of songs without music not simply for my own enjoyment but with the intent to instill vivid impressions of hope and love that enrich other people’s lives and broadens their perspective. And let me just say how encouraged and deeply honored I feel by your generous response and enthusiasm. Thank you!

Over the last several weeks we have logged the lyrics for Sacred Promises, charting the future and the past, personal heartaches and lovers’ embrace, all with a lantern of literary allusion navigating from start to finish:

Ever After
Turning Tides
Somebody Tell Me
Living Without You
Turn Your Heart Around
Love Waits for You
Always Beautiful

Now we have reached intermission and any good intermission requires music between acts, right? So with this in mind, the next installment features a newly finished instrumental tune. That’s right, no lyrics! Yes, I see the irony in this and offer no pretense that it should escape your critical eye for clearly I caught it prancing under my own wandering lens…C’est la vie!

But seriously, when taken in context the pivot might not seem quite so offbeat since the Trilogy actually includes more than a few sequences without vocals. This particular one, As Sirens Kiss Fate, evokes the Greek myth of the Seirenes who lured sailors to certain peril with a bewitching song after abandoning their search to save the goddess Persephone.

Perhaps by chance – or perhaps not – this appears as Songs of the Servant segues from sailing the high seas to climbing mountain roads to peace. Our lyrical tale of human brokenness and the healing power of love resumes with When You’re Ready, the first song from Signs of Life.

Once again, I hope you enjoy these poetic songs as well as the instrumental tunes and I look forward to sharing them with you. I sincerely appreciate every one of your kind remarks as well as the opportunities to get to know each other more!

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  1. Blood-Ink-Diary

    Brilliant, engaging and inspirational music, my dear friend!
    Stay gold. cheers

  2. Soma Mukherjee

    Have been following your songs..they are so ethereal..
    Yay to the instrumental music..oh i just love the music you create
    hugs 🙂

    1. George Mahn III

      And I’ve enjoyed sharing our thoughts and ideas, Soma! More on the way!
      Cheers 🙂

    1. George Mahn III

      Thanks, Boomie! I’m honored and look forward to passing it along. Congrats!

      1. boomiebol

        Thanks George for always stopping by :). Much appreciation!!!

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