Vertical Tales Spring 2020

Vertical Tales Spring 2020:

A time to transform old ways and embrace new beginnings. Winter relinquishes icy grip and lent surrenders the yoke to Easter joy! 

Alas, the world spins backwards this year and sacrifice still we must. Ah, but happiness can only be found in joy….

Peace to all those who suffer and serve. A pandemic calls for prudence, not panic or paranoia. Common sense combined with science and medicine. And we must not mistake meekness for weakness. As a prayer verse recalls, “Lord…be with the weak to keep them strong, and with the strong to keep them gentle.”

A steady breeze stirs treetop leafs under white and gray cloud strata as a single midnight star peers through overhead (and spellcheck corrects ‘strata’ to ‘strays’; maybe I have).

Memories swirl into view from youth when dad and I would sit under a similar evening sky and talk about life with a glass of wine (or grape juice, in my case back then). I turn my head to the left to ask….

His chair has been empty for seven years and a month now. Yet, here I sit on a porch, philosophizing with my best friend in spirit while my Silly Rascal, dad’s parting gift, snoozes inside. Where do we go from here?

Clouds have cleared and I can see that star above clearly now. Patience is a virtue. All things must pass. Ale cures what ails you! Answers will come….

And showers. Guys across the way setup giant sprinklers on the golf green this afternoon and they just kicked in…wet and cold!

As the old saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers.” So remember, the grass can’t grow without the rain (or sprinklers)!

Elevate and Celebrate!G3

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