Buddy Whittington Tunes / Bob Dance Texas Blues Festival


I just posted tunes from our Bob Dance Texas Blues Festival in December. It was great fun and we collected a full truckload of coats and blankets for homeless veterans in Dallas!

We recorded the concert and I recently finished mixing the tracks from Buddy Whittington’s mesmerizing performance. You can listen to samples in the Studio Discography along with a track by opening act Boxcar.

A wonderful cast supported the show for Regogo Records, including host Paul Rego, producers Chris Pohl and George Mahn, and cohorts Drenda Pohl, Pete, TJ, Leo, Brian N, Luis, and Ivan and Mario Urtecho of La Comida along with their crew, as well as generous sponsors Peticolas, Deep Eddy, Sauza, and Monkey Shoulder. And of course, the fine musicians in the Buddy Whittington Band and our very own Regogo Records studio band, Boxcar!

The food, drinks and entertainment were excellent and we feel privileged to have worked with genuine people all around to create such a great night. Now looking forward to December 2018 because the first annual Bob Dance Texas Blues Festival was a blast!

Elevate and Celebrate!

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