Snow Day for Rascal

A happy Rascal means life is good! Let it snow!

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  1. Had to laugh at Rascal lying in the snow with his tennis ball. Our Border Collie, like most, is rather ball obsessed but no snow around here..just blazing sun even on the first official day of Autumn. xx Rowena

    1. That ball is Rascal’s favorite thing! I was a bit concerned at first about her paws getting cold but she surprised me. Just add snow and she’s on cloud nine!

      1. I think my dog would run over hot coals to fetch his ball…or expect me to do it. We have holidays over on the waterfront and Bilbo’s ball has fallen in the water and he’s been too chicken to jump in after it. The look of utter torture on his face was incredible and his inner tension was etched all over his face: ball versus wet paws….Luckily, we had the fishing net!

        1. Lol That’s wonderful! Life wouldn’t be the same without our dogs.

  2. Love these photos and Rascal is so cute. A happy dog equals his happy human. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Lauren! She definitely keeps things lively. Hope all is well!

        1. I think Rascal would sit at the dinner table if she were allowed!

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