Sunshine Award

Next up is the Sunshine Award. I was nominated by friends Steph on April 27 and Ben on April 29.

First step:
Thank the persons who nominated you:

I never expected to even be considered for awards so to receive these honors and from such distinguished bloggers is quite exciting. Thank you Steph and Ben very much for thinking so highly of my blog! One can only hope to share something worthwhile and this is definitely encouraging.

Second Step:
Yes, you get to share some titbits about yourself.  I just shared some points in my previous post, so let’s see if I can think of anything more.

Favourite Colour:
Blue, tis true

Favourite Animal:
Up close, dogs; from a distance, lions

Favourite Number:

Favourite Non-Alcoholic Drink:
Dr. Pepper

Facebook or Twitter:

My Passion:
As you might guess, music, in most forms or styles, as well as literature and film

Favourite pattern:
Anything symmetrical

Favourite day of the week:

Favourite Flower:
Violets, but they are all attractive in their own way
I will pass the Sunshine Award on to the following blogs:
Radhika Bauerle Radhika Puranam
Poems and Art by Jason
Blood Ink Diary
My Own Avalon
Tracie Louise Photography
August McLaughlin’s Blog
Debbie Adams
Seasons Poetry
To name some is to exclude many. Those of you I did not mention, do not despair. I have other posts about various awards to write, some long overdue.

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  1. Another award, George!! I’m not surprised, since you are deserving of all of them!…Congrats!.
    Thank you too, for nominating me…I’m honored and humbled.

    1. Thanks, Deb! I’ve been rather fortunate lately. You’re most welcome!

  2. Congrats George…..beautiful sunshine award for the one who weaves sunshine in his music 🙂

  3. My dear friend, thank you for the nomination, though my two-pence of writing doesnt’t even qualify for such kindness. Congrats for your achievements, you deserve much more! Since I lack the procedures of award, I shall buckle down one of these days to nominate you and others whom I value much. I remain humbled. Thanks, george. Stay gold.

    1. Thanks, Shaheen! It just keeps getting better, much to my surprise. Don’t underestimate your writing – quite often our seeds fall on more fertile ground than we realize!

  4. Congratulations and all good wishes with continued blogging George.

  5. Congratulations and thank you, George! You deserve this more than me!
    Ciao, Francina

  6. Congrats! I’m honor and touch you would pass this lovely award to me! God Bless 🙂

  7. I’m so honored, George. Thanks! Never too late to accept and share sunshine, right?? (Sorry it took me a few days. :)) Hope you’re well!

    1. You’re welcome, August! Happy to share it with you. It’s never too late! 🙂

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